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Toby Martin

Relics of the Automotive Industry

The series investigates the impact and after effects of the invention of the car; covering the remodelling of our landscapes by various developments and installations specific to the automotive industry. With oil’s limited lifespan and green energy’s success, the children of the future will look back upon these oddities with curiosity; bemused by the monolithic structures with which we voraciously fuelled our lifestyle. I have hoped to document these sites with the future generations’ vision; a retrospective eye casting its topographical gaze over the disused and abandoned locations so important to the use of fossil fuels and the progression of technology. Each location is disused, devoid of cars or people, a haunting reminder of the limited sustainability of the industry.

The intention of the project is to encourage thinking and act as a starting point when confronting the issue of sustainability, especially within the automotive sector. It is surely about time we seriously reconsider the way industrial land is managed.

Martin often works with conceptual landscape; aiming to uncover the secrets of location specific subject matter through photography. He works predominantly in large format.

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