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Ben Griggs

The Horse Race

This triptych is part of a wider body of work in which I have explored the sport of horse racing. I was interested to find out what it is that makes the races so popular. I have come to the realisation that there are a plethora of factors behind their ever-growing popularity.

Perhaps the most evident of these factors is the system of betting that has been intrinsic to horse racing since its inception, which does much to separate it from other sports. The centrality of this betting system to the sport is perhaps derived from the unpredictability associated with a live animal; indeed the horse could choose to do anything at any given time.

These photographs exhibit the three primary perspectives that an observer on a race day may assume. The complimenting portfolio explores the social tendencies of those that can be said to make up the horse racing clique, and how these tendencies have remained largely unchanged since early horse races in the sixteenth century.

In any case, the photographs presented here provide an insight to a sport that is in many respects unique, and is holding fast popularity.

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