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What is 'We Surveil' all about?

We all put things under observation to a greater or lesser degree. Each day we are put under observation in turn, and so the cycle is closed. What we choose to remember of our observations can say a lot about us as people. Photography requires a degree of separation from the world, but also a heightened attention paid to it. Looking for the potential in everything surrounding yourself for a frozen moment, a two dimensional image with four sides. A memory, an idea or a statement which can be reconsidered over and over again. Observation is subject to external influences, other sights and sounds around you, by the flow events from the past into the future, and even by the mood you are in at the time. Once the scene is photographed, it can be seen in a different way. Photography allows more precise observation of something.

We Surveil is about looking and seeing something beyond a simple façade. It covers many things. To look deeply at something in attempt to answer questions, by deconstructing the positives and negatives, and by doing so reflecting how we all see things differently. What can be seen as a negative by some can be changed to a positive by others. Our exhibition title describes exactly what we do - as a group, as a collective - yet implies so much more than the words denote. At face value, it means we observe. We observe the physical world around us, the meanings of our photographs, the contexts of our works, and the works themselves. On another level, it carries a subliminal meaning, with which we invite you to observe our exhibition.

From June 25th - 30th June 2013 we will be exhibiting at Hoxton Gallery.

The Basement, 12-18 Hoxton St. London N1 6NG

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